Apple iPhone 12 (Your Choice)

Apple iPhone 12 (Your Choice)


Woot / Apple MSRP price - (90-day Woot warranty vs 1-year Apple warranty)

64 GB: $500 / $699 … $199 less vs new
128 GB: $570 / $749 … $179 less vs new

These seem like fair Woot prices for a 1 generation old model still sold as new by Apple… assuming you cannot get a subsidy from your carrier… and if the condition is truly “Grade A Refurbished.”

85% Battery Health is very noticeable for heavy users so budget $69 for a proper and low risk battery replacement by Apple as you wait (assuming you have a nearby store).

However, note the iPhone 12 at the new price is a stranded step child since the very latest iPhone 13 starts at 128 GB and costs $799, effectively only $50 more.


At Apple new is not much more than these refurbished. & much cheaper with trade in

Buy iPhone 12

Get $100–$650 off when you trade in an iPhone 8 or newer◊◊

Except you’re looking at the iPhone 12 Mini pricing, not the full size iPhone 12.. (And once you’ve looked at those crappy trade-in valuations, you’ll think twice about trading in. Your old device value might surprise you if it is an iPhone.)

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