Apple iPhone 5 Unlocked GSM (S&D)

I’ve got the will my phone work link saved…

but where is the A142… extension so I can see if it will indeed work?

Unfortunately, based on the IMEI on the back of the phone I got, Verizon said it is not compatible. Lovely.

It’s a Verizon phone unlocked for GSM.

Sorry to sound dumb, but if it isn’t compatible with Verizon, why did the title say Verizon?

Another question, I activated the phone using an old SIM card (for freedom pop, which also doesn’t work but I knew that would be the case) and the about screen shows a different imei number than the back of the phone. How could that be?

They replaced the back cover?

Considering how scratched up it is, I’d hate to see the first one! LOL

I got mine and it activated perfectly with MetroPCS for my girlfriend. The sad part is it had a after market screen/digitizer replacement and the phone acted possessed and the top corners were untappable. The kind folks at Woot have already shipped a replacement.

Got a replacement for my first order with a defective screen. The box had just a hunk of plastic in it. Woot was all to happy to send another replacement and I sent back the defective item and hunk o plastic. Third replacement arrives and it’s not even unlocked. Woot decided they didn’t want to help me anymore and offered a $10 credit and suggested I buy an unlock code off ebay. I am now aggressively pursuing resolution via a manager. I plan to notify the BBB if they don’t do something about this.