Apple iPhone 5c Unlocked GSM (S&D)

are these phones sim free?

They do not come with SIM cards.

Do I understand correctly that (apparently) these iPhones don’t have SD card slots for more storage space?

That is correct. Part of Apple’s strategy is to force users to purchase more storage when they buy the phone, so they don’t offer a way to expand your storage after purchase.

There are devices, such as Lexar’s microSD To Lightning Reader, that will let you utilize an SD card to move data on & off the iPhone. It’s not intended to stay plugged in, though, so it’s not able to be used as additional storage.

Anyone know how easy it is to get one of these up as a BYOP to Tracfone?

have an iPhone 4, so if I get the iphone5 do I just change cards.

If you’re with a GSM carrier, such as T-Mobile and AT&T.

Go to tracfones website and order a sim card for the phone. Select ATT or Tmobile as the carrier. It’s pretty easy. If phone support isn’t helpful hangup and try again. They’ll get it eventually.

I can use any gsm sim card? It’s completely unlocked or carrier unlocked?