Apple iPhone 5s Unlocked GSM (S&D)

I understand these phones are Unlocked. But are these “Sim Unlocked”? The phones will work in the country I intend to visit (according to,
but last time I purchased an unlocked phone from Woot, it was sim locked and was unable to connect to foreign carrier.

Take your chances with these phones folks.

We bought 2 5s phones. One is still going strong after a year and the other died after 3 months (standby time 9 hours max). Had the battery replaced by a tech and it had the same problem. He said 1/10 of all 5 series end up with a cpu that burns power no matter what the condition of the battery.

I traded the crap 5s into Apple for a New 5SE ($80 trade in).

You roll the dice with these phones. Some are great/some are crap.

Do I understand correctly that (apparently) these iPhones don’t have SD card slots for more storage space?

No iPhone has an SD card slot (micro or otherwise) as Apple has deemed this as something you don’t want.

Buyer beware. I bought a refurbished IPhone 5s from Woot on 10/13/16. Last month (4 months later), my phone stopped working as it had no power and wouldn’t take a charge. There was no abuse; the phone looks like it just came out of the box. I took it to the Apple Store and they said it was refurbed by a 3rd party and couldn’t be fixed. Woot wasn’t willing to help. $182 for a phone that lasted 4 months.

Do these have a NEW battery? have they been inspected for internal damage? have they been inspected for water damage? What is the warranty on these?

From the posts above, are we getting the same support/warranty as if we had purchased it from craigslist or ebay?

The battery is checked to make sure it is good and replaced if necessary. Other than that, I don’t have information on the exact refurbishing process.

The warranty is 90-day Woot as noted at the bottom of the features.

I bought one of these of few weeks ago, and had to send it back, it wouldn’t stay on and had white lines in the display. Woot promptly sent me a return label.

No response to userzer0’s question about whether these are still carrier locked?

Per the vendor, you’ll need to change the APN settings to work with your international carrier.


Last phone I purchased had the same “solution”. The phone didn’t work after APN settings. The sim wouldn’t register and I had to bring it back to the states, sign up for verizon, had them sim unlock, and then use overseas.

So it took 3 tries before I got a usable phone. The first phone only worked as a phone about 1/3 of the time. The second phone made everyone sound like they were whispering at the end of a long tunnel. The third one seems to be working well. I don’t know if Woot uses all the same vendor or multiple vendors, however the response time from Woot support was fantastic. Now I just hope that if this last one doesn’t fail, or if it does fail, it happens during the 90 day period.

That brings up a good question. Is the 90 day period from the initial purchase or from the arrival of the currently working product? (there was about 3 weeks spent during the repeated return/reissue of phones)