Apple iPhone 5s Unlocked GSM (S&D)

I’m interested in one of these but they all say GSM. Has anyone purchased one of these and was able to use it with Verizon? If so, what steps did you have to take to get it to work.

You don’t. VZW will only take VZW branded phones or specific models listed on their whitelist.

I would add I picked up one of these last November and while the batter rated at 80% when I got it it’s really weak after a few months. If you plan to use this as a daily driver then I would plan on a battery replacement sooner rather than later just in case.

… so what you’re saying is, these are more than “scratch and dent”… they’re well used, with used up batteries.

If you’re an AT&T or GoPhone user, your local corporate store will sell you a brand new iPhone SE 32GB (same case as the 5s, but with mostly 6s guts) for $199. A very nice, powerful phone for cheap.

The catch? They realized traditional post paid plan users were buying gophones so you have to buy a $45 preloaded gophone sim card as well. You could sell the sim or throw it away. Then stick your existing sim in the phone and you’re good to go!

yahoo! This was easy peasy to replace my daughter’s tracfone. All I had to do was insert the SIM from her cracked phone and viola!! Woot!! Made 4am insomnia totally worth it :slight_smile: