Apple iPhone 5s Unlocked GSM

DO NOT BUY THE iPhone 5s!!! They are NOT refurbished by Apple and are still defective.

You have to sign for delivery (which sucks because you end up staying home all day) then the dang thing won’t work for more than 5 days.

I speak from experience.

Why pay 250 for even a brand new 5s (these are not) when the far superior SE can be had from apple with 1 year applecare for 400. Another woot rip off. 150 AND a 1 year warranty would be a good deal.

Bought it not to be used as a phone, but for my husband, to be used for the Arccos Golf app. After one week it blue screened, and could not be saved.

well they cancelled my order for the 64GB and
i can’t order the 32GB.

I guess it is off to AZ to by them.