Apple iPhone 5S

So, how do we know what network(s) the phone will work on?

The 5S is “Unlocked to AT&T or T-Mobile and/or Locked to Verizon networks”

How do we know whether it’s “and” or “or” and which “or”?

Can this be specified when we order? I didn’t see anything about this.

What is the cosmetic state of these ‘refurbished’ phones?

Who refurbished this? Is the shell completely new? Typically when phones are refurbished by Apple, they replace the outer shell to brand new otherwise it will show blemishes and wear tear. Having said that, I doubt these are refurbished by Apple.

Surprisingly, woot misses out on this important piece of information in the description. I can buy an iphone 5S for similar price with new shell from T-Mobile for the same price (check their website for certified iphones)

Woot needs to specify this before customers can decide their orders.

Since the warranty is through woot rather than Apple, I’m going to guess that these were not refurbished by Apple. That’s too bad because Apple does a nice job. Who knows how old the battery is in these things?

I need to know if I am getting an unlocked phone!

Help me out, please: what’s an unlocked phone vs. locked? Does that just mean unlocked so you can use it on any carrier?


These phones are

UNLOCKED for GSM so you can use them on AT&T, T-Mobile and some pre-paid networks.

LOCKED for CDMA meaning it only works on the Verizon CDMA network.

So how can we tell which carrier the one I buy is attached to?

Rather than building a different phone for each carrier, they now build the technology for GSM & CDMA in all the phones. When you set up with the carrier, it will enable the phone on the correct technology.

Does Apple sell refurbished phones? Their Special Deals page only shows Macs, iPads, and iPods.

I am also interested in the quality of these phones. What condition are they in?


It’s all clear now. I bought a 5s IPhone from Woot a month ago. It’s also a refurbished but look like new. I check serial and find out that the phone was activated a year a go. Generally speaking, up to now I am satisfied with the phone. Every functions are working well. It would better if warranty is from Apple and as per Apple’s policy.

I’m not impressed. They’re cheaper at Swappa, even for mint condition phones.
That’s a site like eBay for cell phones.

That is a good question. I thought I had seen them listed occasionally although I have not bought a refurbished phone directly from them. I have bought ipods and ipads and they are like brand new.