Apple iPhone 6 Plus: 16, 64 & 128GB



what service is the phone with? will it work with t-mobile service?


Thanks, Woot, for bringing the bargains!

Please specify with which services these phone will work:
A) Verizon CDMA
B) Sprint CDMA
C) GSM (for either T-Mobile or AT&T)
D) All of the above
E) Some other mix of services

I am also surprised that if these are Apple refurbished, that they do not come with a one-year Apple warranty, but a 90 day Woot warranty, instead.


OK Woot, this is an expensive purchase and before I pull the trigger on it, I really need some information about the phone model. I need an iPhone 6 Plus unlocked GSM comparable model A1524. I am not sure if your refurnished or recertified phone has the same number as the new unlocked Apple iPhone 6 Plus, but that is what I would like to purchase.


These are GSM unlocked iPhones that can be used with any GSM network. Looks like they can also be Used for Verizon Wireless but Not sprint.

Verizon 4G phones can be used with any GSM carrier. I used a Verizon iPhone on AT&T and it works with no issues


Since the iPhone 6s is coming out this month, I would expect a better price for a refurb, soon to be last years model iPhone 6. I can buy a new iPhone 6 with Apple warranty for this price.


Oh well, I guess Woot is not interested in selling these phones. Nothing to see here.


With refurbished items, the models within a lot could be mixed. They will meet the specs noted in the sale.


These are not Apple refurbished.

I’m working on getting the other info.


Newer phones are built with both technologies rather than different builds for each.

This phone is both
A) Verizon CDMA
C) GSM (for either T-Mobile or AT&T)


If these are by the same refurbisher as the sale about a month ago that featured iPhone 5s’s and 5’s the phones may be refurbed but not back to Apple Spec.
The 5s I received had a very noticeable nick that left a sharp spur on the front lower right corner of the case in but it wasn’t something I was too bothered with in that It is covered by a case.
After using for a couple of weeks I am wondering if the battery is weak on this phone. Can’t get a full day of service out of it without plugging it in or having a battery case. That is even with shutting off bluetooth and wifi when out on the road.
On the plus side I was able to put it on on the Cricket phone plan (GSM) and everything works fine, all Apple specific connectivity works. Haven’t tried it with a CDMA paygo service yet such as Straight Talk CDMA.
I would probably purchase another phone through WOOT but I am going to wait for tomorrow’s APPLE event and see what upgrades they are announcing and price reductions on the old models.


Can get new exact same phone for same price on Apple website.