Apple iPhone 6 Plus Unlocked GSM (S&D)

Will it work with Verizon?

i would not buy one of these refurbs. i am 0 for 3 of the ones i have ought from woot.

If you don’t mind - what was wrong with them? I’m debating getting one of these refurbs, but don’t want to get stuck with bricks to return.

are these phones not locked to any icloud account?

I’m also considering buying two, but would like to know what was wrong with the phones and whether it was easy to return them.

No. Verizon uses CDMA. These are GSM.

are these phones refundable?

As an owner of this phone, I can tell you these:
– The phone will not come locked to any iCloud account
– The only way to return this is by receiving a faulty device or not as described. You are not allowed to return it because you did not like it.
– These phones are not refundable unless it came with a defect.
– Also, the battery is unstable so sometimes the battery drops from 88 - 37% in 5 seconds use of an App. Do not do any heavy/intensive task on this as the battery will become 0 from 50 or whatever and will tell you to charge it even though when you charge it will show more than 30.
–The phone that I received was in Great condition, no dents but the speaker was deformed but most of the people couldn’t see that.
– 16 GB can be full very quickly but if you use it only for browsing, calling, SMS, Messenger, this would be IDEAL!

Wouldn’t your bad battery qualify the phone as defective?

The blurb says “refurbished” which (at least in photography) means repaired to original specifications, but the blurb also says “scratch and dent” so…what’s up?

Scratch on the back of the phone?
Scratch on the screen?

That’s a big difference.