Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Check out the product page for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

No Apple warranty…

Exactly. In addition, since the warranty is through Woot rather than Apple, I’m going to guess that these were not refurbished by Apple. That’s too bad because Apple does a nice job. Who knows how old the battery is in these things?

The iPhone 6’s came out just under a year ago.

The other phones, batteries are $20 and only take a few mins to replace. The 5’s are pretty easy to replace batteries in, many vendors include the needed tools as well with very detailed instructions online.

lmao at paying nearly full retail price for a refurbished phone from WOOT that has no manufacturer warranty. I still have buyers remorse from the 45 dollar comforter set I bought from here.

Chances are these “refurbs” are brand new in box. I got a couple refurb phones before and every single one came in original packaging as a brand new phone.