Apple iPhone 6 Unlocked GSM (S&D)

Are the batteries new, not new but essentially unused, or used on the S&D models?

So because these phones are refurbished, they may or may not have new batteries depending on how much refurbishing they needed. So, some phones will have their original batteries, others may not.

So, specs say iOS 8? Is this true or just the standard specs?

What kind of warranty?

What I want to now is why no verizon phones. Is there some kind of secret deal that keeps dual simm or just CDM refurbs off the market?

Are these phones compatible with Sprint?

Can these be shipped to Canada?

Do these phones have Scratch and Dents for sure?

Standard Specs. Some may have been upgraded in their previous life.

Hi there. We put the warranty at the bottom of our features. This has a 90-Day Woot Warranty.

No. Sprint is a CDMA network. These are GSM phones. Google will help you understand all that.

Sorry, only shirt.woot ships outside the 48 contiguous United States.

It will vary from phone to phone.


Can these be returned? Planning on giving as a gift.

Here’s our new Holiday Returns Policy.