Apple iPhone 6 Unlocked GSM (S&D)

Because apple users are known to like older iphones.

Is there a difference between the two iphone 6’s you have listed?

One is for AT&T. The other is unlocked for GSM.

From everything I’ve read in the past two years, all the iPhones from 6 on are equipped with both GSM and CDMA radios. That would mean this should work on the Verizon network if you have Verizon SIM that’s already activated.

Is there some reason why that wouldn’t be true for this phone??

More at this link:

This phone is unlocked for GSM. Verizon is CDMA.

Does anyone know how scratched and dented these I phones are?

According to everything I’ve read, there is no such thing as unlocking just for just GSM, since the phone is equipped with both radios. Can someone address what’s going on technically?

From my experience, this seems true. The wife has an iphone 6 and we were on att. We had the phone unlocked by the carrier and now we use on verizon.

I just bought an iPhone 5s refurb, S&D a couple of weeks ago.

I REALLY tried to find a scratch. I found a small one on the back. Screen was fine, the home button sticks a tiny bit.

I’m happy with the purchase - it’s a first phone for my daughter.

Can I take the SIM card from my Verizon Blackberry and put it in the iPhone 6 and have it work?

It will work except you will very likely need to notify your carrier of the change in phones. The iPhone 6 requires a nano-SIM card so you may need to get out a razor blade to cut the card to fit.

I just received my Iphone 6 today, there are so many scratches, dents, and nicks, it is in horrible condition… I am returning it, the camera does not even work, woot should not sell these at all, this is like stealing from people…