Apple iPhone 6 Unlocked GSM (S&D)

Battery Life.

In the refurbishment process, have the batteries been replaced with a new full life battery?


Is the phone sim free?

Hi Woot, Same questione every time you guys post refurbished phones. Is the battery new or not? Not much point in buying a mobile phone with a 3 yr old battery, is there? Same question for all the phones here - not just this one. Pls respond this time and just maybe I’ll buy one. Thx!

These phones don’t list Verizon as a compatible service, but I’ve read that it is now easier to use unlocked phones on Verizon. Can I use these if my carrier is Verizon? I clicked the link in your listing that said to check here if this phone will work with your carrier, but I couldn’t find any extra information that helped me. If the answer is no, will you ever offer unlocked phones that can be used if my carrier is Verizon?

I ordered an iPhone 5c S&D from woot before xmas.

Phone came in decent shape, slight scratches on the back, screen had very light scratches but didn’t interfere with operation/use. The worst part of the condition was a tiny dent/drop mark, clearly from the phone being dropped (mark is on the upper front of the phone.

I am unsure of battery replacement, but can say there was a sticker covering one of the screws on the bottom of the device.

Device came updated with an appropriate iOS version.

This CNET article seems to validate what you are saying. Within the article, they provide a link to Verizon where you can check the device ID.

Will this phone work on the sprint network?

I have ordered two of these from Woot. The first one wouldn’t connect to wifi unless you were within 15 feet of it. I tried this on several wifi sites, then had to send it back.

The second one the wifi was fine, but, on a trip to California I used the GPS and is was 0.6 miles off. After talking to Apple and resetting the phone (numerous times) we got it to within .5 miles from the actual location. Needless to say, it too has been sent back.

All the batteries have been tested, and if they fail, they have been replaced.

They are unlocked for any GMS carrier, so you shouldn’t need a sim

Thank you! Useful article.

Are these phones refurbished by Apple or 3rd party?

This would be refurbished by a 3rd party.

These say GSM… Sprint and Verizon use a CDMA network, so they should work on AT&T and TMobile.

HOWEVER, these should work on Verizon if you’re in a 4G LTE service area, although some features may not work. If you’re in a marginal area where it drops to 3G, you may not have anything working.

This is separate from Verizon actually allowing you to use a device not made for their network. ie, getting a SIM, etc.

In short, kind of, but no.

Daughter ordered iPhone a few weeks ago Did not have original screen a few big dents in The battery was no good and she had to have the antenna replaced Cost her $100 to repair the phone. WOOT gave her $30 for her troubles Still was cheaper than buying a new iPhone but what a hassle

Ok, first of all it is GSM frequencies and you need a SIM in ALL carrier cases for these versions. (how are you staff?)

Although in October, Purchasing a SIM-free version — only available through and the company’s retail stores became available to the 7 and 7 plus which gives users the added flexibility of applying a SIM card from any supporting carrier. (note - still requires a SIM card but includes a radio chip that covers all frequency bands for US carriers). The eSIM is not available on any iPhone. In fact it won’t be until the iPhone 8.

Now after those two glaring errors, Verizon is only GSM for their LTE network. Will this work with Verizon, probably not but you have to check the frequency bands this supports.

Too many people profess to know wireless, makes me insane after 30 years working directly in sales for wireless carriers (no not a reseller)


PSA: The iPhone 5 and 6 series are EOL. (End of Life). Carriers are eliminating their inventory.

I read somewhere that they were tested but not replaced

All batteries will be tested to make sure they meet functionality standards. If they don’t, they will be replaced.

Hi, Received an US GSM/VZW N61/N56 Service Policy 2320 locked device which means it’s unlocked for US carriers but locked for non-US carriers. The device is fine however there’s this BIG inconvenience since it can’t be used outside US. Will be returning the device.