Apple iPhone 6 Unlocked GSM (S&D)

Will this work on verizon network?

We can only confirm compatibility with AT&T and T-Mobile. Sorry.

They are CDMA instead of GSM

Are they seriously damaged? What does (s&d) actually mean? What should I expect the visual appearance of the phone to be?

Our definition of the “Scratch and Dent” condition refers to minor cosmetic blemishes that should not impact the functionality of the device.

Does it come with any type of warranty other than the woot 90 day limited warranty?

You can buy an additional SquareTrade Warranty- but the 90 Warranty is the only one provided by Woot.

I have to return my 64GB model because the digitizer flakes out every so often. I requested a replacement, but Woot has informed me that they don’t have any and instead are issuing a RMA.

Minus the digitizer issue, the phone was in pretty good shape. There were some cosmetic issues on the bezel that were hidden once a case was added to the phone.

Overall I am disappointed that the phone needs to be returned, but the service from Woot has been great.

Purchased February 14. The phone has now failed. Apparently it is a hardware problem but a hard reset doesn’t help.
I think Woot should consider increasing their warranties to 6 months on these items!