Apple iPhone 6 Unlocked GSM (S&D)

what is the spec on battery life for these phones? any guarantee about how much capacity % the battery has?

As part of the refurbishing process phones will have their batteries inspected and replaced if they fail to meet QA standards. Since each phone will need different degrees of refurbishment, there’s no way for us to say with certainty if the phone you order will have a new or original battery. However, all batteries will be tested to meet refurbishment standards.

The description says it is compatible with Att&T and T-Moble, doe that mean it is not compatible with Verizon?

Same question previously asked: is this compatable with Verizon?

No, Verizon is CDMA.

FYI: I bought one of these scratch & dent phones a in March. The phone was in alright shape, but the screen was yellow. I returned it.

does the phones are unlocked ? can be used overseas with international companies?