Apple iPhone 6 Unlocked GSM (S&D)

My understanding of unlocked phones is that they can be used with any carrier but only two are listed. I have service with Verizon. Will this phone work on that network?

Do these have original batteries?

Is this a cruel joke? Only 16GB?
With high-res camera, it only takes a few pics and videos before space runs out. And good luck installing all your favorite apps.

If you’re upgrading your phone, you might as well upgrade the storage capacity.

The batteries will be tested and replaced if needed.

also wondering this

This is GSM unlocked, so it’ll work with the carriers that use GSM networks.

Verizon uses CDMA, hence it’s not listed – it’s different technology.

I JUST got a BRAND NEW 32gb iPhone 6 for $200 from ‘the biggest box store chain in the world’.

As an owner of 6+, I can tell you these:
– The phone will not come locked to any iCloud account
– The only way to return this is by receiving a faulty device or not as described. You are not allowed to return it because you did not like it.
– These phones are not refundable unless it came with a defect.
– Also, the battery is unstable so sometimes the battery drops from 88 - 37% in 5 seconds use of an App. Do not do any heavy/intensive task on this as the battery will become 0 from 50 or whatever and will tell you to charge it even though when you charge it will show more than 30.
–The phone that I received was in Great condition, no dents but the speaker was deformed but most of the people couldn’t see that.
– 16 GB can be full very quickly but if you use it only for browsing, calling, SMS, Messenger, this would be IDEAL!
– The battery would most likely not be original but would do the job for regular use. My 6+, bought from woot, holds more than a day if I do not play any games or so.

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iPhones suck, but for your knowledge…

The iPhone 6 has an 8-megapixel 1/3-inch sensor with a 1.5µm pixel size. The file size of a Still Photo (HDR) is 2.63MB.

(1 gigabyte) / (2.63 megabytes) =
380 pictures.

You should back up photos anyway.

Did I mention iPhones suck?

My phone came with defects. Definitely not refurbished. Refurbished means that they fixed the issues with the phone. The one I got has obvious wear, screen lifting off of the frame, and screen is yellowing on the sides. Not worth the $200+ I spent on it. I will be returning this.