Apple iPhone 6 Unlocked GSM (S&D)

Unloading them before they lose all value, since Apple is about to announce the iPhone 8.

This will be pretty much worthless in a few weeks.

Thanks for your input.

Worthless in what way? Will I still be able to make calls on the iPhone 6? Use its apps?

You’ll still be able to make calls, use apps etc. but you’ll have paid much more than they’re going to be worth money-wise. Once the newest model comes out, these will drop in price because less people will want them. There’s also always the chance that you won’t be able to upgrade to the latest OS eventually, because the technical specifications on this phone won’t meet the minimum requirements for the new OS, but last I checked iPhone 5 could still update to a usable iOS version so that’s probably not an issue in the near future.

Perhaps he meant “worth less”. :^)

Oh… that’s priceless!

Are these left at iOS 8?

They’ll have the OS that was last installed by the previous owner. At a minimum, it will have whatever version was standard when that phone was released.

“iPhone 6 is not compatible with existing micro SIM cards”

Will our provider give us a compatible SIM card? My kid shattered her 5 so this would keep us out of contract and she would be happy w/ a “new” phone.

You can get a brand new iPhone 6 for StraightTalk on Walmart’s website for $200. Unlimited data with 8GB unthrottled is under $50/month, no contract.

You can also get a refurbed iphone 5 on the straight talk website for $100. Same plans available.

You don’t say who your provider is, (assuming AT&T,) but my local provider has replaced my SIM card for me in the past without an extra charge. If they charged anything, it’d be the price of a new SIM ($10?) and not require you to sign a new contract.

I have swapped my SIM card between my iPhone 5s and an iPhone 6 without issue. The two use the same card.