Apple iPhone 6+ Unlocked VZN/GSM (S&D)

Do these phones have new batteries

The batteries are tested and replaced if needed.

Are these phones compatible on the Verizon network

Yes, it does.

says will work with “most” GSM networks. Will it work on AT&T in the USA?

Why is this (and other iPhones) listed in a “wireless” Phone promo?

The “will this work with my service” app. Was useless. Can anyone tell me if this phone will work with Sprint? Thanks

Beware the dreaded “touch disease.” Iphone 6+ phones are subject to this, and my phone became unusable because of it. After awhile some of the phones won’t respond to touch. Apple is being sued in a class action about this problem. Check it out. I would not buy one of these phones again. I ended up replacing the phone with a 7+.

Mine died of touch disease as well. Apple let me buy a new 6S+ for $149, but I too would avoid a 6+ at all costs particularly in the hundreds.

Do they have warranty in case if it gets broken?

These come with a 90-day Woot warranty.