Apple iPhone 6 Unlocked

The “check if it works with your carrier” linky doesn’t positively identify these phones but rather asks for input leaving the average quasi-technical person not knowing if they work on their network.

What he said.

What is the sub model? This will help with checking compatibility.

It works with everything. See here: iPhone 6 Models (A1549, A1586, A1589, A1522, A1524 and A1593) Differences

You can find cheaper priced unlocked iPhone 6 on Walmart or eBay.

And on the mothership.

Specifically, is it the 1549GSM or 1549CDMA? We know the 1549 part from the description.

With this model number MG632LL/A in the item title, it appears to be the Verizon model cdma. I’ve ordered two. Remaining hopeful.

What is the warranty/guarantee as to battery life on the S&D Apple phones. Are the batteries replaced as part of the refurb process and/or can we expect to have battery life more or less as a new phone?

I got the 6+ model back in February, and no, the battery isn’t replaced.

According to:


The woot! description of this iPhone 6 is confusing.

On one hand based on the woot! title this is MG632LL/A / A1549, which means this is a North American Verizon (CDMA) device.

On the other hand woot! specs also lists TD-LTE and TD-SCDMA radios among the capabilities of this model, which means this would be A1586 Global/Sprint model.

Furthermore I am puzzled by the inclusion of LTE bands 12 and 30, which along with the inclusion of TD-LTE and TD-SCDMA radios mentioned above, makes this at least an iPhone 6s spec (A1633)

Would woot! staff please clarify what are you selling here exactly.