Apple iPhone 6 (Verizon & GSM Unlocked)

The last batch of “refurbished” iPhone’6’s were garbage. How and what are these refurbished iPhones by?

I don’t see an order for an iPhone on this account so that’s hard to answer.

They’re refurbished by a 3rd party. If it’s not up to your expectations, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

You can read about our updated return policy by following the link in my signature.

I got two refurbed iPhone 6s from woot in the last month, Verizon models and they were excellent. No scratches on the screen, just small smudges where a case would rub on the corner. Checked with coconutbattery app and the batteries were 72 to 75%, which was to be expected for batteries at 700 charge cycles. Ordered new batteries from Apple.

you list that it will work on Verizon will it work on other CDMA like Sprint or USCellular.


I have two woot accounts smarty pants. My last 6 was a POS. I bought a 5s thru Amazon before that sale. Came in the same box and it too was a POS. I am tempted to buy one of these for my other daughter to see if it too is another POS. I know all about the Woot return policy thank you very much.

The last 6 I got would not even charge. I went to the Apple store and they laughed and said it was the original battery and was garbage. This REFURBISHED statement is such a joke. Just call it what it is Woot. Some guy/girl receives the phone, turns it on and if it passes that test it’s REFURBISHED.

Hi there. I don’t see an iPhone purchase on your account.

If you have a problem though, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.