Apple iPhone 6S (Fully Unlocked)(SD)

Apple iPhone 6S (Fully Unlocked)(SD)

Can these be used as a ipod functionality, essentially storing music on it only. Or does it have to activated?

I just checked and to set it up you have to insert a functioning sim card but then you can remove it to use it with just wi-fi or as a music player. After that, when you start it up you will get a message that says there is no sim card inserted but you can insert a non-functioning sim to stop the messages. I’m thinking of buying one also for this reason. Good luck and hope this helps.

Worth noting that you can buy a functioning SIM card for around $1 at best buy for H2O prepaid (H2O SIM Starter Kit), otherwise you may risk an activation charge by your carrier if you just swap your SIM from your existing phone (depending on carrier).

Yes you can do that. My kids do it. Every so often a message will pop up saying “SIM not found” but you just click OK and carry on.

For what it’s worth, I just received an iPhone 6 (32GB) that was described as scratch and dent from one of the other sales, and there is literally neither a scratch nor a dent on the phone itself. The included case has a few scuffs on the back, but even those are hardly noticable. Fired right up and is working fine with a SIM card that I haven’t used in a year or so.

Additionally, the battery health shows a max charge of 98%, so that seems good, too.

Is there a way to get expedited shipping for this?

I’m sorry, there is not. FWIW, our orders often arrive before the estimated dates. Those are kinda the outside dates.

Do these phones have new batteries and if not what level of battery life is left before they are replaced?

Hello there. It’s right in that gold box. :smiley:

Does it come with the latest iOS 13 installed or is it iOS 12

It might vary from unit to unit based on what was most recently installed. You can update it to iOS13 when you receive it if needed.