Apple iPhone 6S (GSM Unlocked)(S&D)

Apple iPhone 6S (GSM Unlocked)(S&D)

I ordered one of these 3 weeks ago off of here. Despite being advertised as “scratch & dent” I couldn’t find a scratch or dent anywhere on it. The only downside is the battery only reports at 81% capacity, but otherwise it works great and at a nice price.

Does this work on sprint? Or only gsm?

The 6S will work on Sprint.

So far, only the 7, 8 and X have GSM/CDMA modem compatibility issues.

What is storage capacity? It’s not in specs.

If there is excessive wear, can these be returned? Is there a restocking fee/shipping cost? It seems a big gamble as there is such a wide range of wear and tear on these from previous comments on similar woot sales.

I bought one of these a few weeks back, it arrived as a Verizon device, not a GSM device. It still works, but does not have the extra band that AT&T uses.

Of course I bought my daughter a 6s the other day for $175 since hers (a hand me down) is not working/screen broke and not worth fixing.

Maybe I will return it and get one of these.

What iOS are you typically seeing these refurbs coming with?

What’s the storage capacity? 16 or 64 GB? You can buy these for this price at 16 GB. If these are a higher capacity thenitmwould be a good deal.

These are 64 GB.

They come with iOS 12.2 I think. But it doesn’t matter; as part of their auto setup, they’ll update themselves to the latest available as soon as you power them on and connect them to the internet. They’ll also auto-migrate all your data from your current/old iOS device. Pretty handy.

64GB, right above where you select color when ordering.

Why are these not compatible with Verizon? It seems that anything past iPhone 6 can work on either GSM or CDMA, regardless of the carrier. Can someone confirm these are ok to buy for Verizon SIMM?

According to the spec page:
iOS 9, upgradable to iOS 11.4.1

Anyone have any pictures of one of the S&D models as they were delivered?

Not all phone models/variants are whitelisted for use Verizon’s LTE network; unless explicitly noted to support Verizon, it’s best not to assume whether a particular phone offering will absolutely work.

Verizon stopped activating new phones on CDMA for over a year now, as they will be discontinuing that network in 2020.