Apple iPhone 6S (GSM Unlocked)(S&D)

Apple iPhone 6S (GSM Unlocked)(S&D)

I bought one of these from here back in June and was pleasantly surprised. No scratches or dents that I could find. The only problem is that the battery only has 81% of its life left. Otherwise it performs flawlessly. If you were compare this phone to what Apple just released on Tuesday, you’d find some of the specs surprisingly identical. Such as camera megapixels, screen resolution, storage, and ability to run iOS 13. This phone actually surpasses the new releases because it also supports 3D touch.

You can use this Apple page to compare iPhone models, and they still have the 6S on there to select.

I just purchased a refurbished iPhone 7 from Woot and was very disappointed in the amount of scratches on the glass. I was totally fine getting a phone that might have a scratch or two or three on the glass but the phone I received had hundreds of small but very visible scratches all over the screen as if the phone had been placed face down multiple times on a rough surface. That’s the risk you take when they warn you about “moderate level of wear & tear”. It’s hard to define “moderate” so just be warned that moderate can possibly mean there will be a lot of scratches on the screen. Hopefully for others, I was the worst case scenario.


If you want to keep more than a few apps or photos, etc… on your phone, beware the 16 GB model.

The operating system & base apps take up half or more of that storage.

Check the battery performance in Settings/Battery/Health… after fully charging it to 100%.

Then go to an Apple store and have them run full diagnostics and check for water damage.

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With Apple’s annual iPhone release yesterday, the iPhone 7 was dropped, making the iPhone 8 the official Apple “entry level” phone. That should drive all the prior gen prices down.

Note, for AT&T users, for the past 6 months, AT&T has been selling the iPhone 6s in brand new condition as a prepaid phone for $150 +$50 required initial service (if you’re post paid, you can throw away that SIM card).

Some bargain carriers have been selling it for the same price.

If history is a pattern, the iPhone 7 will next fill that iPhone 6s bargain slot (and price).

Don’t get me wrong tho, the iPhone 6s 64GB running iOS 12 is a perfectly fine phone performance-wise and a cheap way to get an iPhone.

Performance actually improved with iOS 12 and Apple at least claims they tweaked performance again on iOS 13.

But iOS 13 is likely the last operating system upgrade for the iPhone 6s and same cpu, iPhone SE.

@Almaden: If you’re unhappy with the phone, contact Woot customer service for a return.

Here’s our return policy:

Does anyone know if you could use this phone simply as a music player and web browser without activating service? Thinking about purchasing one as an inexpensive iPod touch alternative. Thanks!

@pennino: I don’t know about Apple devices other than the following, but I would imagine you can. You won’t have phone access unless you are connected to wifi and using something like Skype but I am still using an iPod touch 2nd gen as a music player. It’s running iOS v4 or something. Now, I haven’t connected it to a computer in about 5 years, but is is still working like a champ! :slight_smile:

Sure, you can use any iPhone without cellular service like a Touch.

And since the iPhone 6s will get iOS 13, unlike an older Touch, you shouldn’t have issues with apps not being available.

But if you prefer the smaller size of the Touch, an iPhone 5 form factor might be a better match… like the iPhone 5/5c/5s/SE.

We use an olddd Touch in a 30-pin JBL clock radio dock for streaming in the garage. Keeps two otherwise obsolete devices in productive service!

Ineed you can. I kept my iPhone 6 when I upgraded for this exact purpose. Just need wifi.

I’ve purchased two reconditioned phones from woot. First was a Samsung which had screen burn in which I returned without a problem. The other was one of these 6S. It was in near perfect condition and I was very pleased. I bought the phone for someone else but it seems to work fine. I was very happy with the purchase but I’m guessing the quality will vary.

Yes, indeed! We kept our older iphones, once we upgraded, for our kids who were constantly asking to use ours. It actually functions very well with a WiFi connection. You can text other apple devices, Facetime, music, photos, email, Netflix etc. Maybe there is a way to place WiFi calls on it too, we haven’t looked into that. Even without wifi downloaded music and camera/photos will function as well as many other features.

The last of the great iPhones! Headphone jack! Touch ID! I hope my 6S Plus 128 lasts forever!

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Two questions…

  1. will this run any app a tablet would run?
  2. if so, how does this compare to a first gen ipad mini

reason for the question… I have a few digital amps and other assorted music gadgets that don’t have Android equivalent apps (or the apps are dreadfully inferior). I got my mini for those (and pretty much just those) and now the mini won’t handle the new apps. I don’t want to drop a ton (the ipads are getting more expensive than the amps) but I don’t want to lose the functionality of my equipment.

Never mind. I looked it up. The software I want does run on a 6s. And probably better than on the mini, esp since it won’t update some of the apps anymore.

I bought a ‘refurb’ iphone 7. Waste of my time. Low audio on speaker and ear piece. Looked nice, but couldn’t hear callers or ring tones. Got a fast-ish refund. Think I am going to pay more to get a refurb from apple with a one year warranty instead.

I just received the two IPhone 6S I purchased from this deal. ‘Allegedly Refurbished’ would be a more accurate description. Of the two phones, one powered up - the other is completely dead (and has a crack in the screen). The phone that did power has a battery that has degraded to 80%. 80% sounds like a ‘B minus’ - but Apple considers phone batteries that have degraded to 80% to be spent. So it appears that Woot’s definition of refurbished is to take a used or broken phone - put a sticker on it and place it in a box with a non Apple charger and cable and hope for the best.

Apple defines an officially degraded battery as any one that contains less than 80 percent of its original battery capacity. A degraded battery will no longer be able to pump out the same amount of power as a fresh one.