Apple iPhone 6S (GSM Unlocked)(S&D)

Apple iPhone 6S (GSM Unlocked)(S&D)

Hello, I ordered one o.f these over the weekend, then noticed the Iphone 7. so I ordered an Iphone7, and am trying to cancel this order. There is no cancel option, so I submitted a return, and then selected Cancel as reason. I hope my Iphone6 order gets cancelled and does not ship

Hi there. You contacted Woot Customer Service?

In this new 21st century, things are shipping fast so it’s possible it’s already so far down the pipeline that we can’t cancel it or already shipped. Woot CS can help you with a return though.

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Will this work with Verizon?

Per the features, no.

These phones are unlocked to work with GSM networks. They will not work on CDMA networks like Verizon or Sprint.

Thank you!!!

Ordered phone arrived with scratches on screen and maximum battery charge is 70% phone dies very fast would not recommend buying this

Apple typically states anything under 75% is an “unhealthy” battery. If you were to take it in for an Apple trade in, they’d mark you down due to the capacity.

You might be able to find someone to replace the battery for you, if you do it at an Apple store they might charge you quite a bit. I normally take mine to a local mobile store and pay the 50-75 for someone to do it.

Refurbs from the internet are always super hit or miss, especially with Apple. Sometimes you’ll get a refurb that’s basically new, othertimes you’ll get something with faults in it. It really depends on who refurbished it.