Apple iPhone 6S (GSM Unlocked)(S&D)

Apple iPhone 6S (GSM Unlocked)(S&D)

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  1. While the iPhone 6s is getting a bit “long in the tooth”, age-wise, it still performs quite well and did get the latest Apple iOS 13 operating system upgrade. It is a good bet it will not get iOS 14.

  2. If you are on AT&T, even with a traditional “post paid” account, I believe AT&T is selling brand new iPhone 6s’s as Prepaid phones for about $100. (They bought pallets of them when Apple discountinued it.) At our local AT&T corporate (have no idea what happens at a 3rd party store), you pay about $50 for the phone and another $50-65 for a prepaid SIM card. You can then use or throw that SIM card out, followed by swapping your existing SIM card into the iPhone 6s.

Last iPhone which can handle wired earbuds!

But are they unlocked @ ATT new? I know there have been other offers like this and even on a pre-paid they will not unlock the phone until 6 mths of service

ATT Website doesn’t give any indications…

I didn’t claim they are unlocked. The comment was for AT&T account holders, even post paid.

Expecting AT&T to sell a brand new iPhone for $100, unlocked might be expecting a bit too much.

Few people are using CDs/DVDs with their laptops as well.

When Bluetooth headsets became popular, the demand for dedicated jacks on phones waned. If most folks don’t need it, it makes more sense to handle the few who do need it by including lightning connector earbuds in the box as Apple does for models without a dedicated jack.

Also, making a phone water-resistant/proof is more straightforward the fewer holes you drill in the phone case.

BTW, if you want to use your own wired earbuds, Apple also sells an adapter for 9 bucks.