Apple iPhone 6s Plus (S&D)(GSM Unlocked)

Apple iPhone 6s Plus (S&D)(GSM Unlocked)

Many websites are stating that this model will work on Verizon as well. Is that true?

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FYI: My hubby has the IPhone 6S Plus. We both use Straight Talk, and it’s a awesome phone. I have a Samsung Galaxy S7, and have always preferred the Samsung. But, I’m so impressed with hubby’s IPhone 6S Plus, that I have asked for one for our anniversary.

Anyone know if the refurbishing process involves putting in a new battery?

I don’t mind scratch and dent, but an old battery would be a deal breaker!

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Batteries are checked and replaced if needed.

Morning. Per the vendor.

All the models on todays deal are GSM Unlocked. The 6sPLUS models are the only ones that are Verizon models which would make them CDMA+GSM unlocked.

You indicated that batteries are checked and replaced if necessary. However, this particular model is notorious for having a faulty battery from teh beginning. Apple agreed to replace the poorly functioning batter at half the normal cost at one time. So, is it safe to assume that this issue does not exist with this phone you are selling?

I can’t really answer that question. Battery is checked.

I purchased this and will be checking the serial number to see if it was one of the affect phones.

You can get a brand new Google pixel 2XL at verizon for $10/month x 24 months. Google Pixel 2 XL Verizon deal

It’s a way better phone, plus has a 2 year warranty.