Apple iPhone 6S (S&D)(Factory Unlocked)

Apple iPhone 6S (S&D)(Factory Unlocked)

Why am I completely unable to read ANY comments, but I see a number that SHOWS comments have been made??!!! Has Woot changed the Comment Section?

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May be a dumb question, but does “Factory Unlocked” mean the phone will also work on Verizon? Read some stuff that more trickery is needed to make factory unlocked work on CDMA networks.

I can’t seem to find a model number that would help answer that question.

If you hover over the number, you’ll see that it’s showing how many “clicks” this has, not how many comments. This really confused me the first dozen times too. I don’t know why Woot is bothering to show us number of clicks but not number of comments. Who on earth cares how many clicks it has?

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The 6s works with Verizon. The 6 does not. You have to punch the model number into the phone finder link.

The clicks for a link came with the forums. :slight_smile:
We are going to get the number of comments back on the discussion button soon.

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If you’re fixing things about comments, please put back links to comments from earlier sales of the same product. Thanks.

That was wootstalker that did that. :smiley:

Yeah, this manner of commenting certainly cuts down on the amount of comments. Thank you for responding