Apple iPhone 6s (S&D)(GSM Unlocked)

Are these phones compatible w/ the Verizon network? I know that can be an issue with GSM phones.

Are these compatible with Sprint? I saw the other post that said that version was.

The description says this is covered by the 90 day limited warranty, but clicking through to the details of said warranty, it states that products with batteries are not covered. So which is it?

Since the battery is tested and replaced as needed, the warranty would be good for the 90-days.

I think that wording goes back a few years when batteries were included with toys and flashlights. Those wouldn’t be covered.

Are these phones compatible w/ the Verizon network? I know that can be an issue with GSM phones.

Have you checked the link in the listing detail page?

I have and it’s not clear whether it’ll work with Verizon or not. Could you give a simple “Yes” or “No” answer?

I don’t know the details of your specific location and coverage that you have. This phone will work on Verizon’s LTE networks but will probably not work on their 3G or 2G networks, per the link. So if you live in an area with very spotty LTE coverage, then you may be in trouble.

I overlooked the link, but it was helpful, thanks! Thank you for the additional information as well. Looks like it is good in the US for Verizon 2G, 3G and LTE.

Can the SIM be removed to use in another country when I travel to Europe?


Well, I was in for three. I totally have buyers remorse now because all three needed the battery replaced. One of them had a battery health of 77%, and the other two were at 80%. They would go from 100% charge to completely drained in about 5 hours. So not cool. I’d probably stay away from these in future Woot offerings. The saving grace is a replacement battery (with a REAL 2-year warranty) is about $25 bucks.

I’m very sorry for the poor experience.

Would you please make sure to contact Woot Customer Service and explain the issue and what you had to do. We like to keep a record of issues with products.

Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.