Apple iPhone 6s (S&D)(GSM Unlocked)

Apple iPhone 6s (S&D)(GSM Unlocked)

Or you could get an Apple refurbished like brand new with full one year warranty iPhone SE direct from Apple for the same price.

How much storage do these have? Doesn’t specify in the specs.

Very bottom of the specs list

Phone Version Model #
iPhone 6s Space Gray 64GB A1688 MKR32LL/A
iPhone 6s Silver 64GB A1688 MKR42LL/A
iPhone 6s Gold 64GB A1688 MKR52LL/A
iPhone 6s Rose Gold 64GB A1688 MKR62LL/A

Foiled by having Verizon again!

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How so? The A1688 is the model that Verizon themselves sold.
see here:

it’s also written right at the top, just above the “Color” selection drop-down:

Will these phones work with Sprint?

Enter the phone (A1688 is the model) details and your country/carrier.

And, Bob’s your uncle!

I have sprint and according to the link they have on the page it will work with sprint. So you have 90 days to make sure that it does work. I took a chance.

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Can you link this offer for an Apple refurb iphone SE? I went to the Apple refurb store and only see Iphone 7s available.

Apple was offering new iPhone SEs as a clearance item, $249 for 32gb & $299 for 128gb. Looks as if they’ve all been sold off.

Why are you comparing an SE with a 6s? They are close to the same specs, but the SE screen is smaller than the 6s

Doh! Thanks!

Not OP, but like you said “They are close to the same specs”, in fact the SE is the same specs, they stuffed the 6S components into the smaller package. It does have a smaller 4" screen but some people prefer the smaller size of the original iPhone line which is why they initially offered the SE. Also, a one year warranty along with the fact that it’s been factory refurbished to like new condition(and isn’t a S&D since S&D is industry code for previous owner traded it in after 2 years of use and we just made sure it powers on).

Regardless the SE from Apple directly is another option, and people can make a decision based on what’s important to them(larger screen, smaller screen, etc.) and I personally logged in to make the same comment about the SE before I saw this comment thread.

I personally like Android and have a Pixel(trying to hold out until Pixel 4 in a year or so for an upgrade). Regardless, more choices are great, and making an informed decision is even better.