Apple iPhone 6s Unlocked GSM (S&D)

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Apple iPhone 6s Unlocked GSM (S&D)
Price: $279.99 - 309.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Oct 18 to Monday, Oct 23) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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9/19/2017 - $279.99 - 309.9

I bought one of these the last time they were offered and while the actual phone itself looks brand new and without a single scuff or scratch, the battery life is abysmal. I’m charging this thing two, sometimes three, times each day.

The ad cites 6s A1549 in the heading but the specs cite A1633. Apple says A1549 is a 6 only. Need some editing?

To add: I bought from an ad that cited an A1633 awhile back, received an A1688, and it had a cycle count of 159.

Do you guys know if this phone will work with T-Mobile network? Thanks in advance.

Will this work on Verizon, or not? Woot seems to think so, but the internet does not.

Word of caution. THis might apply to all brands but I just ran into a snafu porting one of my 5 sprint lines/phone over to TMO.

Samsung S7 Edge. SM-635P. As per Samsung (and TMO) this phone will port. Well, it did, HOWEVER, LTE/DATA wouldn’t work. GSM worked fine as most current phones including the Apple 6’s all have GSM, but if the phone was made for Verizon/Sprint for CDMA use, don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work on TMO’s LTE network much less HSPA+ (a faster form of GSM). There are different BANDS for the LTE frequency and without getting into a bunch of tech mumbo jumbo, it will work on GSM, it will get text messages and MAY even make/take phone calls while on LTE, but data, it will drop to the slower GSM, but more widely used GSM. I ended up shelving my Sprint S7 as a spare fore my kids in case one of their phones break (2 S7’s and 2 6s’s) and purchased a TMobile S7 Edge through the mother ship. Apple phones may be more porting friendly but unless you want to chance flashing the phone with a TMobile ROM and possibly bricking the phone like I was going to do with my samsung, proceed with caution. Hope that helped. :-0

These things bend easy. My son has one & bent his slightly in his back pocket and it quit working. He was able to bend straight and it started to work for a couple of weeks, but now it’s bricked.

This is why you don’t keep your phone in your back pocket. I’ve never understood why you’d keep an expensive electronic device in a place where it’s going to get sat on multiple times per day.

Not to mention that it’s the easiest place for pickpockets to get access.

the phone is A1549 or A1633 ? i cant understand.

Hi all. Sorry for the earlier confusion.

This is an Apple iPhone 6s.
It’s a Verizon phone unlocked for GSM.
It has been tested with AT&T and T-Mobile.

as always the ones with capacity are either sold out or were never for sale in the first place. what a joke!

16GB? No thanks.

Bought one of these a couple of months ago. It was 6s and it did work with Verizon. But the one I purchased was very obviously used. The screen looked like it had a lot of basic wear and tear without a screen protector. It also did not work well. Every call I made I would cut in and out to the person on the other end. Don’t think I had one good call on it. However Kudos to Woot they did refund my money. Just wish they did a little better job “refurbishing.”

LOL, you can get an LG G6 on ebay for this price…oh Apple, SMH.

I want to know what the condition is?
because it’s hard to return for the customer come for other country

Not other than what is defined in the sale. It will vary from unit to unit.

hello,Refurbished is that mean factory Refurbished? or manufacture refurbished?

No. These are refurbished by a 3rd party.