Apple iPhone 6s Unlocked GSM (S&D)

Cricket runs off of AT&T, which is GSM, so it should.

I would take my $300 and buy a Galaxy s8 . I don’t get the iPhone hype . Received a iPhone 7+ from a relative that passed and sold it 400 on Craigslist. It was a beautiful phone but I guess I’m not and ifreak

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Will this work on Verizon?

It says right in the description:“VERIZON and GSM unlocked”. Reading is fundamental.

Correct Verizon is CDMA and ATT GSM, but all iPhones since the 4s have included both CDMA and GSM hardware. In fact we just ported over my wife’s iPhone 6 over to ATT from Verizon.

If this is true, why do they always say GSM only and not let people know it is a dual phone? Some deal with Verizon to hide the

I don’t mean in this instance but elsewhere.

What he said is partially true. Most iPhones have GSM and CDMA but that doesn’t mean they have all the correct bands. It comes down to if the phone is locked too. You can’t use Sprint bands if you bought a phone from AT&T and it’s locked. I think he’s right about the 6s being universal though. Apple and Samsung got sick of having to make 4 special phones for US carriers when they could make one model that works for everyone.

That’s okay, I don’t get the Android hype, either.

I’ve got both iOS and Android, and, while they both have their benefits, I prefer to use iOS. It runs smoother in my opinion, and the battery lasts longer.

Does anybody see the memory on this phone?

No, that is incorrect.

Verizon Iphone and 5s included gsm radios that were unlocked so Verizon customers could get sim cards when out of the country so they could roam. They did this on their higher end models, because business customers and people were leaving Verizon because they had to purchase gsm phones to roam. So instead of having two phones, they went with a company that supported the GSM standard.

The Verizon 4s did not include GSM radios nor were any 4s’s capable of both.

/Apple Employee

And you can get an unlocked Galaxy S8 for $300 on what planet exactly ?

So beginning with 5 that would be correct though?

Sprint Iphones and Verizon have dual radios. Verizon’s gsm(at least were) are unlocked by default, Sprint good luck unlocking their phones.

Now that the majority of carriers are full LTE(verizon and sprint included) phones can be jumped from network to network. However, this is at the pleasure of the carrier. They will not let any old phone on the network because they do not want to support every model under the sun. It would be a nightmare.

Verizon will let you check your phones imei here. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) | How To & Deals | Verizon

For the 5 models and only the Verizon and Sprint ones have dual radios.

Will this work with US Cellular?

Answer to Verizon Question:

This is a Verizon phone that is unlocked for most GSM carriers.


Any estimation of condition to expect or is it a crapvent shoot ? Usually refurb iphones rated Excellent, Good, Acceptable, Parts. Assuming its better than Parts based on description but that still leaves a lot of leeway. Thanks.

It’s in the drop down.