Apple iPhone 6s Unlocked VZN&GSM (S&D)

very great!

Refurbished ??!
Is that what Amazon is now calling 4Y/O Phones… Scratch and Dent !!!

[MOD: iPhone 6S was released on 9/25/2015. Not 4 yrs. ]

Can you hear me now? I said can you… darn Apple iPhone!

Sure been seeing a lot of referb’s for Verizon phones here. You Verizon phone users need stop being so mean to your electronic devices. :wink:

Will this work with Sprint?

Are these ones that Apple has slowed down to force people to buy newer ones?

It’s because Verizon phones come unlocked out of the box so resellers don’t need to worry about unlocking them. Hopefully one day, the US market transitions to how the rest of the world does it and sells nothing but unlocked phones

These aren’t even manufacturer refurbished. Right? Just some 3rd party selling used phones?

Are the batteries even replaced or do we need to pay $30-80 for a new battery?

Yes it will

Under FAQ, look at eligible devices - iPhone 6S is listed

More than likely yes, if they have not been updated to latest OS then no

Curious about the state of the battery as well.

Will this work on Sprint?

I bought brand new for Less on Black Friday at Best Buy

Correct. These are 3rd party refurbished.

The battery is checked and replaced if needed.

I don’t know about the condition WRT refurb/S&D, but 2-1/3 years is hardly “4Y/O”.

How do I select either: (1) GSM option or (2) verizon/sprint option?

There’s no selection. It’s a Verizion phone that is unlocked for GSM. :slight_smile:

For all of 2018, Apple is replacing batteries for $30. Probably a good idea if your phone is 4 generations old.

This model 1688 does not have all the GSM channels, as it was made for Verizon/Sprint that uses CDMA. One of the important LTE 4G channels is missing. This may not make any difference in usability for you, just be advised. The fully GSM compatible phone for ATT/T-Mobile and most of the rest of the world is Model 1633. Not sure why the largest % of refurbed phones I have found are 1688 - I had to search hard for the 1633. Meanwhile, the phone qualifies for a new APPLE battery for $30 before the end of the year.
BTW - this will be the LAST Apple phone I’ll buy - I am not giving up the headphone jack for some outside adapters that will get broken or lost and may be of questionable audio quality,