Apple iPhone 7 128GB (AT&T Only)(S&D)

I was referring to this

I’ve used these guys to unlock iPhones (even under contract) in the past and it has worked brilliantly.

Reputable service. Not cheap.

I can’t speak to the AT&T/Cricket possibility, but it couldn’t be done with a phone I had through Boost Mobile and opening a new account with Sprint-which owns Boost. Even though under the same umbrella, the iPhone I purchased through Boost could not be then switched to Sprint-or at least that’s what I was told at the Sprint store.

You were mis informed. The phones can easily be unlocked. It really is just a few setting in the phones set up and bios.

The only possible concern is the possibility of GSM vs CDMA. If the phone doesn’t have recievers for both then going from GSM to CDMA or vice versa is impossible because the equipment isn’t there.

What is the difference between black and jet black? (I went on the Apple store app and there is only one black there?)

Do we know who did the refurbishment and what kind of warranty there is?

I’d loooooove to get the newest model iPhone, but 80% less expensive seems more practical. :rofl:

black is a matte finish. Jet black is the shiny black one. They did not make the 32gb Jet Black version, otherwise everything is the same.

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This is the page I went to for model # information. It details the different iPhone7 models and references their official model # (which you can get from the Settings screen once you get the phone.) Unfortunately Woot is not telling us the model #s ahead-of-time. (there would be a different # for each color.) There is a different model for AT&T via BestBuy vs AT&T from other places(!). One is apparently GSM+CDMA, the others are GSM only. Also, the Red appears to only be listed as a GSM+CDMA. That is the one I went for; besides, I like the Red.

(description says 7-plus but the page has info on both 7 and 7 Plus).

Let me clarify blackhawksq’s comment. It is easy to unlock, but the company won’t do it. Boost requires that you have 12 months of uninterrupted service before they will unlock your phone for use on any other carrier. It is NOT as easy as you tweaking some bios, etc. It is done on the service provider’s end sending request to Apple servers. The “SIM unsupported” message comes from Apple’s activation servers checking the IMEI to see if is locked or unlocked.

Now, you can buy RSIM or something to that effect to put into your sim tray between the phone and the sim card. That spoofs the IMEI to tell the Apple server that it is an unlocked phone, thus allows the use of any sim card, even though the real IMEI of the phone is still locked.

IF this phone is the AT&T variant (which it seems to be, though no model number is stated), then you will NOT be able to use it on Sprint or Verizon (though technically you can if you use VoLTE only), as this does not have a CDMA radio, only the GSM one.

Argh. I placed an order for black 12 minutes ago (only options showing in stock were black, jet black, rose gold), and now all colors are showing in stock again. I totally would have gotten red. Now I need to remind myself that it will usually be covered by a case. And maybe I’ll prefer the black front around the screen? (my last few have had white fronts) Bad timing! :red_circle::red_circle::red_circle::red_circle::red_circle::red_circle::red_circle::red_circle::red_circle::red_circle::red_circle::red_circle::red_circle:

Can you cancel?

I personally like the black border… the iPhone 8 red with black border looks great to me personally.

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I tried to cancel or change, but the woot monkey says it is too late. Maybe not getting my first choice is for the best in the long run. I do always notice that thin black “border” at the edge of my screen with the white front. The black front might blend the screen edges better. I’m going to this from a 7+ so the screen is going to seem tiny to start with regardless.

The jet black is very grippy, which is great for using it without a case. I had a jet black 7 for two years and I really liked it.

I know what you were referring to, but it’s irrelevant to the suggestion of getting a shady ebay dude to unlock the phone, which is completely outside AT&T’s control.

do you know if I can change the shipping address?, since it still says, preparing shipping, I have to go out for a few days, so I thought to send it somewhere else. I think they are still repairing them

I’m sorry. There’s a two-hour window to cancel orders. After that, the orders are released for processing and probably already downloaded by the vendor.

Wow! A two-hour window to cancel, but almost 3 week window to ship? Really?
" Estimated delivery date: Wednesday, August 28, 2019"

That’s the worst case date. Our items often arrive much faster. And some of that is the delivery time, not the time to ship. Looks like yours is already on its way.

Once again the “refurbished” Apple product I bought through Woot is defective. The screen emits “light leak” when I press on the screen. Also the phone takes a very long time to boot.

I had other issues with refurbished iPad I bought last year. The Apple logo on the back of the iPad was deformed and bulging out of the iPad, as if the battery had exploded!

I have always had great service and received great items from Woot but when dealing with third or would with the fourth party service not so much. I bought this item through Woot which was supposed to be fulfilled through Amazon but was actually fulfilled through yet another company. This does not instill much confidence in me to buy any refurbished electronics through Woot.

@ThunderThighs, I got this one

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Is it normal for a refurb phone to come with no sim card? Cause mine has no sim.