Apple iPhone 7 (AT&T Only)(S&D)

Apple iPhone 7 (AT&T Only)(S&D)

If you’re in the market for a 2016 four generation old refurbished iphone locked to AT&T, then this is a good price, relatively speaking. So, rather specific.

Can this phone be unlocked for use with another GSM operator?

So Verizon is having a deal on the iphone 11 if you trade in your iphone 7 and up. You get 500 dollar credit and 200 dollar visa card. Does anyone know if Verizon will accept the trade of this phone we bought off woot?

Are you sure it’s $500 credit for an iPhone 7? Usually the ads say “up to $xxx” but that is like for the maximum-most-expensive trade like an iPhone XS or something. Last I checked, Apple’s trade-in value (not the VZ promo) was $150 on these. VZ might be more than that but I doubt 500… Also, what plans/contract-terms are bound to their promo?


Thats exactly it “up to $500” on the trade in. But these companies get suckers all the time. I am in the middle of trying to explain this to my daughter right now… but she insists they’re going to give her $500 for her iPhone7

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I am not sure how Woot Sells these saying they are AT&T phones. I ordered one of these phones and it was locked to KDDI Japan making it nearly impossible to unlock. The AT&T unlock portal will not even acknowledge the IMEI. I tried a T-Mobile SIM and SIM from an AT&T reseller (MVNO) neither worked. The unlock price I was quoted from one of the dodgy website for this particular Japanese carrier is $169 . Unlike the US Japanese carriers are not required to unlock your handset.


Sorry she is correct this time and you are incorrect. The reason for the up to is because it is credited over 24 months. If you switch from Verizon in the 24 months you will not get full credit.

If you go back to the page you will notice this additional below. If you have one of these phones you get a $300 credit for a new line instead of $500.

It should be eligible. The only note is that Verizon mentions “good working and cosmetic condition”. This phone obviously shouldn’t have any cracks, but Woot does say it could have “scratches, dents, and dings”. What one person considers good cosmetic condition could vary.

Here is the FAQ for the promotion. It is $500 for an iPhone 7 as long as you are a new subscriber and on an unlimited plan. As I mentioned to @AstroOak the only worry is what Verizon considers good condition.

Hi there. That one may have slipped in the batch. We sold hundreds and definitely didn’t hear about this being an issue.

Sorry but I am calling BS on that. Several other people mentioned that their phone was locked to a Japanese carrier. Apple iPhone 7 128GB (AT&T Only)(S&D)

I sit corrected. You are correct that there were a few. However, it was not a mass issue.

If ever you have a problem with a Woot item, contact Woot customer service and we’ll happily assist you.

Now, I know why everyone got iPhone 7 cases in their BOCs this month…Woot is trying to create a crazy demand for iPhone 7s that they will now sell you. I see your evil plan Woot!! :face_with_monocle:

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So what are you telling me? If I order one of these now it won’t be locked to a Japanese carrier? Want to guarantee that in writing?

What’s the reason people feel they need to upgrade their phones so often anyway? I bought a Samsung Galaxy S5 3-4 years ago and it still works great. I cannot think of any reason to get rid of it. The battery life was slowly getting worse but I bought a new, high capacity battery several months ago and it’s fine now.

Well you really could say that about everything and depends on what you are looking for. Better camera maybe? Better reception? Im on TMobile with a iPhone 7 and was going to keep it but the trade-in for a 7 is a great deal as you get the same amount as later model phones. Next year, Id be lucky to get $100 for a 7, so receiving an extra $250 by trading in now seemed like a good deal.

Did a little research and it’s clear this product needs to come down as the description is misleading. These phones are most likely all locked to Japanese Carrier KDDI and have nothing to do with AT&T. KDDI had an American MVNO that used the Sprint and AT&T networks that ceased operations and was bought by Telrite. Most likely that is how they got into the hands of Woot still locked to a Japanese company. The comments show just how misleading it is calling these AT&T as people are buying these thinking they can unlock them free of charge (as required by US law) with AT&T. This is not the case. Another problem is that AT&T updates their towers and frequencies constantly. These phones may be frequency locked to what was AT&Ts network in 2017 when KDDI ceased operations. I’d say by not disclosing that the phones are locked to KDDI Woot is skating dangerously close to FTC, FCC violations.

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She’s saying that if you have a problem with an item you ordered - such as a phone not working on the carrier as advertised - you contact support to get it resolved instead of whine about it a month later. Based on other replies in the thread you linked, it sounds like it works exactly as described - on the AT&T network only.

We checked again with our vendor. He’s sold thousands of these without issue. It’s possible that a few slipped it but that’s it. Of all that we sold, a few had this issue but most did not.

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