Apple iPhone 7 for AT&T

Am I missing something? Apple and AT&T will sell a NEW 7 in 128mb for $5 more. Why would you buy refurb and not save any money.

My thoughts exactly, plus give up on a full warranty.
Sometimes the woot ‘deal’ isn’t much of a deal

Do you have a link for that pricing? I’m only able to find AT&T pricing in the form of monthly payment plans :frowning:

A brand new 32gb iPhone 7 from Apple costs $649. This refurb costs more than new. April fools was yesterday.

Here’s a link to the iphone 7:

And it says $649 is the full retail price for the 32 GB, $749 for the 128 and $849 for the 256 GB, but it does say they require a qualified retail contract. So that makes a difference to me (maybe, because I think the ones you’re selling have to be used on AT&T’s network anyway).

And this deal doesn’t even include EarPods you would get with a new iPhone.