Apple iPhone 7 (Fully Unlocked)(S&D)

Apple iPhone 7 (Fully Unlocked)(S&D)

What model numbers (A1660, A1661, A1778, A1784, A1779, A1785, A1780, A1786) are these phones?? The last time I bought one it was the Japanese model (A1778), which I returned.

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Me too. LOL at the “a few slipped through the cracks” response Woot staff tried first.

Ironically even though sold as S&D, at least mine seemed virtually new, and I think it showed 95% battery life. (apparently they only guarantee up to 70% on refurbs). I should have probably kept it and gone through some unethical international eBay unlocker service, but I had no interest in pursuing that, and didn’t want a phone permanently locked to Japan KDDI.

Wonder if some of the ones in this deal are the same ones but now magically unlocked?

I don’t see anywhere on whether these are GSM or CDMA phones. What are they? They say they work on both networks, but I purchased a GSM phone from Woot and it doesn’t get as good of coverage as a CDMA phone does on Verizon.

If you have Verizon, do yourself a favor and check out Verizon’s ebay store. Bought a 128gb 7 earlier this week in “like new” condition for the same price here. Phone is in mint condition. No need to gamble with Woots vague scratch and dent sales.

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Hi there. The model number for this device is A1660.

The KDDI thing was weird. A few did get mixed in. The vendor isn’t sure how it happened but we should be good. We’ve sold thousands and a very small percentage of users were affected. Of course, every one of them posted. :\

Mod Edit: We updated the exact device model!

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The model # on these will be A1660

The Model # on these will be A1660

Can these really only upgrade to iOS 11 something?

iPhone 7 gets iOS 13…my wife has a 7 and it got iOS 13.

All iPhones from 6S forward can install iOS 13.x. They likely will be supported by iOS 14 too but that’s not guaranteed.

Thanks for updating model #. There are so many iPhone models that without this, it’s just hard to know for sure. Please keep doing this when you have the info (Ideally the long # is best, like MF6XD2LL/A or something looking like that (I made that up randomly but that’s what they look like) – but those uniquely identify each color/size, as well as model #, so it would be tough to maintain that list since you often have a batch of mixed colors and sizes.)

Regarding the KDDI ones, I will say that Woot Customer Service was excellent and no problems at all with handling the return. (you guys seem nicer than the "parent company!")

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