Apple iPhone 7 Plus for AT&T

Wow $70 break over new for an iphone 7+ / 128GB. I think if I am going to drop 8 bills for a phone, I’ll pay the extra $70 for a full 1-year warranty. Reconsider your pricing.

Let me help you understand why your deal isn’t going anywhere…you are selling a refurbished Iphone 7 more than a NEW Iphone 7?
Iphone 7 128gb is $749 on check out your pricing and your competition?|sHVGkp8Oe-dc_mtid_1870765e38482_pcrid_138112045124_&cid=aos-us-kwgo-pla-iphone--slid--product-MN8N2LL/A


Woot sold a bag of dimes for twice the value of the dimes a while back. People bought it. Woot doesn’t care if you can buy something cheaper elsewhere.

This offer is for an iPhone 7 Plus. The offer you have linked to is for an iPhone 7.