Apple iPhone 8 / 8 Plus (S&D)(GSM Only)

Apple iPhone 8 / 8 Plus (S&D)(GSM Only)

“One Woot, one heart,
Let’s get together and feel all right”… hey mon, if you’re feelin’ the love, please send a sister one of these Wooty Iphone 8 Pluses :slight_smile: Me needs a new phone but can’t afford it right now.

can i use the phone with verizon?

Yes, although both of these iPhone 8’s are GSM only (read - no CDMA for voice), Verizon is switching over to VoLTE (voice-over LTE), so you CAN use these on Verizon. The only carrier this phone will NOT work for is Sprint.

However, if you live where Verizon LTE coverage is bad, then you won’t have CDMA to fall back on… That is something to keep in mind.

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Is this phone Refurbished by Apple or by some 3rd party?

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3rd party


That probably means that these have lost their IP67 rating if they opened the phone to change the battery, change screen, etc.

Does it work with at&t? What does GSM mean?
Please reply ASAP I’m interested in buying :innocent:

Yes it does.

It stands for Global System for Mobile Communication.

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Yes, AT&T and T-Mobile are GSM carriers

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Has anyone ever gotten an S&D from Woot? How much damage are we talking?

I ordered a S&D iPhone from woot last year and the glass on one of the corners was cracked. The woot CSR wouldn’t ship a replacement, even though the same model was still available… The listing should have said Scratch & Dent & Crack. Woot did give me a $25 code towards a future purchase after I returned the cracked phone though.

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Mine is apparently already on the way and due to be delivered Saturday. Nice work, woot.

Thanks :pray:

I got 2 iPhone 6 (S&D) one for my mom and one for my daughter. Both work perfectly (even though they were left in the mailbox over night in -25 degree weather! and I haven’t seen one little scratch on them! And I got myself an iPhone 8 Plus today :crossed_fingers:

Mine arrived early this afternoon, although the “Stuff You Bought” page still says it may arrive as soon as Feb. 21. The gold iPhone 8 Plus is, as far as I can tell, in flawless condition. Not too long ago I bought an iPhone 7 Plus refurbished by the same dealer and it was also flawless. I have to say I don’t reckon needing any more iOS devices for the foreseeable future, and obviously this is a very random thing, but both phones have neither scratches nor dents and although I’m sure some of them look like they went through a clothes dryer cycle with a bunch of rocks, these two are pretty good indicators that a random purchaser is just as likely to get devices that are in pretty ideal shape.