Apple iPhone 8 (Multiple Carriers)(S&D)

Apple iPhone 8 (Multiple Carriers)(S&D)

Is it 64 or 256 GB?

It’s 64GB as noted under the price.

Why pay this price for a Scratch & Dent refurb when you can get a brand new one, manufactured this year, direct from Apple for about $100 more?

where is the price without a contract?

What are the submodel numbers? The compatibility link asks for them but it isnt provided in the listing.

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If you can afford $340, why not $450 straight from Apple, brand new with the excellent Apple 1-year warranty and Apple accessories?

As of last month, the iPhone 8 is Apple’s “entry level” phone.

Buy a iPhone 6s plus at Walmart for $200 bucks. It’s a better phone from what I read.

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If the scratches and dents are too scratched and dented for our comfort level can we return? I have reviewed the return policy but want to confirm.

I hope someone from Woot replies before they’re sold out.

The submodels may vary, but the compatibility for GSM only or CDMA & GSM will be correct.

By what measure, “better”? Price?

The 6s is two generations older than the 8.

And the 32GB of storage in the “$200” 6s vs 64Gb in the 8 is quickly becoming crowded for the typical user.

The recently released iOS 13 is likely the last OS upgrade for the 6s/SE.

Furthermore, that $200 Walmart price is locked to a crappy Walmart carrier. If you love the 6s and $200 price, get it as a prepaid from a corporate AT&T store and throw out the SIM card if you have a post paid acct.

You mean from Apple? $449 is the price for an unlocked and unencumbered one. And manufactured this year, which means the battery is fresh. And a full year warranty.

I agree; I love my 6plus. It’s the best iphone or android phone I’ve ever owned.

Plain said, the Walmart StraightTalk (ST) monthly plan iPhones will work on TracFone Wireless (TFW) BYOP. You are not totally locked; you just need to do it properly. I don’t have any ST phones to test with a VZW SIM, I had only tested a friend’s ST iPhone 7 with my TFW BYOP SIM, which texted and talked perfectly well.

If I hadn’t already snagged a new Pixel from here, a month ago, I would have picked up one of these to replace my iPhone 6 (CDMA/VZW) on TFW.

Are these the 8 plus as the into indicates or the smaller 8???

It’s an iPhone 8. The creative write-up is incorrect.

Is any way to see real photos to understand actual scratchness and dentness?

Different devices would have different levels of S&D though.

Sorry, we don’t have photos. And, as noted above, it will vary from unit to unit.

However, if you’re unhappy with it, contact Woot customer service to see about returning it (within 30 days).

Here’s our return policy: