Apple iPhone 8 Plus (Your Choice) (S&D)

Apple iPhone 8 Plus (Your Choice) (S&D)

Top of listing says fully unlocked.

Top of description says locked to AT&T.

Can’t be both. Please clarify for us.


I 2nd this. ATT or fully unlocked?

Hi there, sorry for the confusion. It is FULLY unlocked. I’ve asked the team to remove the AT&T verbiage.


I know the listing say the phones are “Fully Unlocked”, but that term can mean too many non-specific things.
Can you tell us the specific model number?
Are these the “SIM-free Factory-Unlocked A1864”?
64GB Gold MQ8F2LL/A
64GB Silver MQ8E2LL/A
64GB Space Gray MQ8D2LL/A


I’m sorry, but we don’t have specific model number information for these phones. These phones will require a SIM card to function with your carrier of choice and you can see our specific definition of “Fully Unlocked” here: THIS LINK