Apple iPhone 8 (Your Choice Carrier)(S&D)

Apple iPhone 8 (Your Choice Carrier)(S&D)

Be careful buying these refurb phones on here. Bought one for my granddaughter and the one I received had a cracked camera lens and also the glass was cracked where the button is (Apple iPhone 7plus). I wasn’t able to return for replacement as they said they couldn’t guarantee a replacement available. That’s the bad part of Woot…


Save your money and go by an SE2. With that you’ll get several more years of update and support as well as a guaranteed new battery.

Last time I bought an iPhone from Woot, I bought and paid for an iPhone 7, but received a 6. I returned it an eventuality got a refund. Hopefully this time I will get what I paid for.

The iPhone 8 took a big residual value hit with the release of the iPhone SE 2. Be careful that you’re getting enough of a discount.

Same case and display size for both phones.

The SE 2 has the latest A13 cpu, two generations newer than the iPhone 8. That means at least two more years of iOS updates.

Watch for carrier deals on brand new SE 2’s with the 1-year Apple warranty.

The way I’d look at prices - divide the price by the number of years of use you expect from the phone.

For example: this iPhone 8 is a used phone with an unknown condition battery. Might mean 2 years remaining use or $100/year.

iPhone SE 2 in this example would have at least two more years use (4 total) or the same $100/year. And you’d have a new phone with 1-year Apple warranty.

(If you stretch phone use longer, the same logic works.)

FYI, battery replacement by Apple on the iPhone 8 is a reasonable $49. (And unlike those strip mall shops which might save you a few bucks, if they screw up the replacement, they no questions asked give you a new Apple refurbished phone - virtually a brand be phone with new case and battery).

I also received a phone with a cracked front glass last year when I purchased one of these S&D iPhones.
Woot would not send me a replacement when I called and spoke with them, even though they were still available for sale on Woot’s site. Phone was returned for eventual refund, and Woot gave me a small credit towards a future purchase.

What is their return policy if you are not happy with the scratch and dent condition?

Hi there. You have 30 days to return if you don’t like the scratchy-dentiness.

Here’s our return policy: