Apple iPhone 8 (Your Choice)(Renewed)

Apple iPhone 8 (Your Choice)(Renewed)

Hi guys, this is very tempting, but ive been burned twice before on iphone 7 purchases. The first one i had did not have an OEM screen, the colors were muted. The second one kept dropping wifi every few seconds. Both had considerable damage to the metal casing.

Is there any way i can pay extra to have the phone i order looked over and tested to be sure i avoid these issues? Anyone have a better place to get decent refurbs?

What the crap? It lets me select the 8/256GB, then tells me it’s sold out in the cart. Frakkin WOOT!

Ed: Any unlocked 256GB says it’s sold out, even though it lets me select. FRAKKIN woot! I just want a replacement phoooooooonnnnnneeeee

@ThunderThighs is this a bug, or a feature?

I’ve been trying to get one since it posted and I get the same error. Also, is it weird that it says “Sorry, the Apple iPhone 8 256GB (Gold, Red, Silver) Fully Unlocked S&D is sold out. Better luck next time.” S&D? These are supposed to be the Renewed iPhone 8’s.

go right to for their certified refurbs.

Hello there. I was off on Friday. I believe we had an issue with the site not selling out offers properly. It’s fixed now.

Hello. For future, S&D (Scratch & Dent) will have varying levels of use.

Renewed will be comparable to a Grade A refurbished computer. Minor exterior use.