Apple iPhone SE (GSM Only)(S&D)

Apple iPhone SE (GSM Only)(S&D)

Is this GSM Only iPhone work with 4G or Lte? Can I use 4g or Lte?

It does LTE. These are good phones. It’s the size of the iPhone 5 but the tech of the iPhone 6. Just barely upgraded mine 2 weeks ago to get more storage (only had the 16GB). The phone still worked great.

Is a SquareTrade policy available for this purchase? If so, please let me know how to get it.


Yes; I see the banner when I put my between in desktop mode.

Hi there. If you’re not seeing the banner at the top of the features, try another device.

Which model is it? GSM Arena shows two models - A1662 and A1723

It is a great little phone if you prefer the form factor of the iPhone 5/5s since it uses the same case design.

However, it is not the performance equivalent to the iPhone 6… it is actually performance equivalent to the iPhone 6s. They share the same cpu.

That means it will get iOS 13 when that is released.

(Our family has three iPhone SEs - they perform perfectly snappy. Wouldn’t hesitate getting them again.)

If it matters too you, I believe selecting the 32 GB model will by default net you a newer phone.

When the iPhone SE was released in Spring 2016, it was with 16GB & 64GB options.

A year later it was replaced with 32GB (and 128GB).

Note the operating system alone takes almost 8GB and the standard apps eat some more. So if all you want is a basic smart phone, 16GB might be OK. But if you wish to keep a lot of photos, apps, etc…, you’ll very quickly run out of space.

As a practical matter, 32GB should be the minimum size for most folks.

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Yah, ironically, perhaps it is an iOS thing - not seeing the banner on a fully up to date current gen iPad either.

Hmmmm. I see it on my iPad but not on my iPhone.

Hi there. The model number can vary from unit to unit.

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Looks like Sprint’s network is not an option?

It is not. Sprint is CDMA, not GSM.

I thought all iPhone SE’s worked on both GSM and CDMA?

I was told that feature started in 6S phones. Verizon will not activate any iphone under 6S due to the shut down of CDMA in January 2020

Curious about the ‘GSM only’ designation. Model A1662 is the US version that supports T-Mobile, AT&T & Verizon. I can’t imagine they are selling the Sprint (A1723) version since that is CDMA. These must be the China Mainland version (A1724) since it has most GSM bands but no CDMA bands (unlike the A1662 which works perfect on Verizon - CDMA). Don’t think I want a China Mobile version of this phone.


Will the screen be fine or is there likely scratches/damage to the glass?

A word of advice on the S&D iPhones, take them in to an Apple Store and have them do a hardware check.
Make sure the 3.5mm audio jack is working (with ALL your headphones, moving it around for dead spots) and that the camera does not have a light leak from the flash. I bought a S&D refurb on the Mother Ship and did not notice those two problems until after the return window and they haunted my use of the phone.

After the Apple Store said that they would “look at it” for $249, I ended up trading it in for a Pixel 3a, getting a $251.00 credit for the SE 64 GB.

Except the original SE came out 6 months after the 6s and the second SE came out 18 months after the 6s.