Apple iPhone SE (GSM Only)(S&D)

Apple iPhone SE (GSM Only)(S&D)

The write up claims that the SE is upgradable to ios12.1. This is incorrect as the SE got the iOS 13 upgrade.

this was the last iPhone that was small enough to fit in a pocket.


I ordered 2 IPhones last month from woot. One powered up, the other was dead. The one that powered up had a battery that was spent. Apple states that batteries at 80% or less are spent. Woot and Amazon both admit to selling phones with 80% battery as ‘standard practice’. Don’t be fooled by ‘refurbished’, chances are good that these phones will have 80% batteries.


Thanks Mike. I bought a 6S a while back when Apple was doing battery replacements for $19 and calculated that into the cost of the phone. I think most are around $50 now days, so to me that’s the actual price and then have to decide if it’s worth it.

Not quite sure what that statement is attempting to say, but I recall that Apple battery replacement program was priced at $29.

All sustainable companies price warranty costs into their products. And in this case of Apple doing lower price battery replacements out of warranty, there’s no way they could have “calculated it into the phone cost” because the program was announced after the phones had already been sold.

I think he meant that he calculated it into the phone price, not that Apple did.

Our family is currently using three iPhone SEs and a 6s (same CPU and specs as SE). Ironically, we paid $10-30 more than these prices, brand new for them.

They’re great phones if you prefer the compact form factor. Especially for active folks - much easier to securely one hand hold vs the lunch tray sized phones.

They run iOS 12 & 13 perfectly snappy.

There’s a fair chance iOS 13 will be the last OS upgrade for them, but that’s OK since you can generally successfully run even a couple versions back of iOS before apps start abandoning it.

A caution regarding storage size - unless you keep very little media on your phone, avoid the 16GB model. iOS and required Apple apps take up over half that.

Note also, the 16GB model means it is a year older. The 32GB model was released a year later.

Finally, with any used iPhone, after charging it up and believing you’ve got a solid one (check the battery health in settings), immediately take it to the Apple store to have them run their diagnostic on the phone.

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Thx, got it.

Is this a good price ?

Great phone. I wish Apple had not abandoned this form factor. I guess I’ll keep using it until there’s some killer app I need that won’t run on it.

Um…depends. Somebody said they “ironically paid” just a little more for these phones brand new, but I suspect that was a subscription promotion. So they may have in fact, paid more but the cost was buried in the expense of the phone service.

It appears to be an okay deal but not if you get one with a bad battery, or a beat up case.

Used phones are a crap shoot.

Does anybody know if this will work Straight Talk? I did the whole “is this compatible with my carrier?” thing, but I couldn’t find the sub model to plug that in…thanks all!

Did I miss the model number on the listing? Are these A1723 or A1662?

Looks like yer good to go. I took a peek at and it seems to just want an unlocked GSM phone.

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Thank you! Trying to help out my mother and don’t want her wasting her money!

I just upgraded to a Xs from a three-year-old SE. It was a good phone, but I figured it’s not much longer for this world. I wish they had kept the same size (or slightly larger) and just ditched the home button (like the newer models) to increase the screen size. The bigger phones aren’t too friendly for those of us with small hands.

Model numbers could be mixed but they’re unlocked for GSM.

There are rumors flying about that there will be a SE2 in the pipeline soon. I rather like the larger form factor of the new phones, but there may still be hope for those of you who like something a little more portable.

That “somebody” was me. And no, it was not a “subscription”, whatever that is. And no contract or commitment. It was AT&T and Best Buy. Walked out the door, stuck our SIM cards in them and were good to go.

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Those rumors have been floating around since before Apple “found another few thousand SE’s” to offer after they had already dropped it. We’ll see…