Apple iPhone SE (Your Choice)(S&D)

Apple iPhone SE (Your Choice)(S&D)

For those who do not read the entire offer, this is NOT the iPhone SE that was released last week. On sale here is the 2016-2018 version which is the iPhone 6 internals in an iPhone 5/5c package.

Woot, you include the year and/or generation in the iPad and Macbook titles, namely because Apple has reused their names. Now that there is a new generation of “iPhone SE”, perhaps you should do the same with this. You and I both know it is unlikely a brand new product would have S&D refurbs one week after release, but there’s always that one person out there.


Is this a GSM phone? What is the Apple model number (A1662, A1723, A1724)?

Choose between a phone that is fully unlocked for both GSM and CDMA networks or a phone that will only work on the AT&T Network.

My reaction, too – I have both models of the SE, so I knew right away this was not the newly released model and I was wondering whether Woot! would point that out. Even looking for it, I didn’t see the distinction noted, and certainly not in a manner to draw attention to potential unwary shoppers. Seems pretty darn sketchy of Woot! to me. (Not surprised, anymore, though.)

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I snagged the $60 GSM-only version of this a cpl weeks back (MLLM2LL/A). Though it’s old, works like a champ with iOS 13 (13.4.1 to be exact) and GoogleFi data-only, however not sure I’d fork out $90 for it, unless i was just dying for an old phone on a CDMA network.

Anyone know the EOL/end of support for this phone?

It’s equivalent to the 6s, so it’s next on the chopping block.

My guess, since they just released a “new” SE, is that it will be within the next year, but that’s just speculation.

Based on several tech sites, the new iOS 14 to be released in June WILL support this iPhone SE (2016) being offered here today.

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Here are more specs in the phone:
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