Apple iPhone X (Fully Unlocked) S&D

Apple iPhone X (Fully Unlocked) S&D

Description in shopping cart says Fully Unlocked. Product description says Choose Your Carrier. Should I trust the former for the config I picked?

Hi there. It’s fully unlocked. I’ve updated the sale.

Please post Model # , that will avoid a lot questions and give clarity to buyers. Also, does it include charger?


I would like the model number as well.

Has anyone gotten these referbs before? How much surface damage can I expect? If it turns out to be more than I can accept, is it easily returnable?

Hi there. Yes, we have a 30-day return policy.

Here’s our return policy:

Can I use this phone with tracfone? Does it come with a charger?

Don’t know about tracfone but it does not come with the wall adapter.

Could you please provide model of this deal?

its says to check with sprint but not enough information to check to see if it works please clear this up

Does this support LTE?

Will this phone work with att? Without model number I cannot find out on link will my phone work