Apple iPhone XR 128GB Fully Unlocked

Apple iPhone XR 128GB Fully Unlocked


Just so you know, I’m due for an upgrade with my iPhone XR 256GB and I’m probably going to wait. Why? Because it’s a great phone that is still fast, has good battery life, and includes a good enough screen. Camera is solid. It’s crazy that I feel the urge to upgrade when I probably won’t see that many overwhelming benefits with a newer iPhone.

So yeah, this XR is a good phone if you want to save cash.

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I agree. I have the 128g and despite millions of pictures and videos, have only used 55% of my storage. Even though I’m still really happy with my XR, I’m going to be upgrading mine soon. I will pass my XR down to my son since his 6S will be losing(or already has lost?) support and bought one of these to give to my daughter since it’s about that time she gets a phone. Now, neither will have a “superior” phone over the other.


Will this phone work with T-Mobile?

Yes, this is fully unlocked which means it will work with GSM. T-Mobile uses a GSM network. As always, you should check with T-Mobile yourself.

I have this exact phone and love it. With the release of the iPhone 12 a couple weeks ago, the iPhone XR is now three gens back but remains a great phone.

Note with the October Apple event, the brand new iPhone XR price, straight from Apple, with their excellent full 1-year warranty, Lightning ear buds, and OEM charger (yah, the wimpy cube, so won’t fast charge the phone), dropped $100 to $499. [EDIT: the 64 GB iPhone XR is $499, the 128 GB is $549… and does not include the earbuds or charger]

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This is an OUTSTANDING deal. I have a XR and the battery life is fantastic. Have AT&T and great service in New England & Virginia.

Does refurbished mean old battery or is the battery new?

Good morning. Tested to 80%


I’m not sure if you saw that price and feature combo in an Apple store, but on their website the 128gb XR is $549 (the 64gb is $499) and only comes with a usb-c cable (which is useless for me since I don’t have any usb-c chargers or pc ports).

Thanks - forgot the storage size price difference and was not aware Apple actually went to the trouble of retroactively modifying the original packaging of prior gen phones to match the cheaping out they did on the iPhone 12 (another form of price increase over and above the +$100 hike to $799 vs the iPhone 11.) My iPhone XR came with the OEM ear buds, lightning cable and charger.

Aside: that $100 price hike on the iPhone 12 to $799 only makes it less attractive vs the iPhone 11 ($599) and iPhone XR ($499). Assuming you don’t want the small iPhone 12 Mini ($699) screen.