Apple iPhone XR 64GB - Fully Unlocked

Apple iPhone XR 64GB - Fully Unlocked

And screw me for paying $100 more on Woot for the exact same phone a month ago!


Payed $379 on WOOT just before Christmas.

Too bad I don’t see Spectrum Mobile on the list. This is not a bad deal.

I will never buy another refurbished item. There is a reason they are up for sale. There is probably something wrong with them! For example, IPhones 7 had a problem of the phone all of a sudden not working. People couldn’t hear you during a call. Apple did nothing about the problem, though through internet research apparently they knew about the problem. Wiping out the data on it and wiping it down, doesn’t fix the phone problem. So people buy a refurbished phone with that potential problem and they’re SOL. I know…I bought one. I also bought a refurbish HP laptop on Amazon just about brand new. It looked brand new, but it was never right. It had to be trashed. Remember, there was a reason people return new items…it’s because they could never get them to work brand new! Spend the extra few bucks for a new one. But don’t buy Apple. IMHO when they have problems they don’t care to take responsibility for them. Go with Samsung.

And I would say the exact opposite about refurbished items. These are items that have already been back once and repaired and tested. The companies selling them don’t want them back again.

I’ve never had an issue with a refurbished item and I’ve purchased many over the years.


Well I have had different experiences indeed. More than just the two I stated above. I think testing just means, if it’s a computer, reinstalling the operating system. Do you really think they test all the various applications on each one? Checking for memory problems? Hard disk problems? Software upgrade issues? Really? Doubtful. You know how long that would take?

Another refurb item I bought was floor sweeping robot. Junked it after three weeks. Never worked right and no I didn’t try returning it because of the hassle involved. Lesson learned.

Everything is NOT sweet in refurb land. And people should know about it. Unless of course you’re Amazon, and you want to sensor the truth.

Hey all. Please keep the conversation on the product. If you want to venture into the current headlines, you can go to the politics thread or create a new thread in Everything But Woot.

Yes refurb can be hit or miss so much. I remember buying a refurbished Xbox 360 Elite and RROD like 3 weeks later. Microsoft replaced it and I had that Elite until I ended up having to pawn it.

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Any chance Woot will have refurbished SE Second gen for sale? I really like the smaller form factor.

Ditto. I ONLY buy refurbed electronics, because I’ve never had an issue. Think about it: Refurbed means that, rather than just coming off the assemply line with millions of others and directly shipping, the item’s been tested and retested.

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I don’t have to take crap from anyone. His derogatory comment about me should be removed. No one should have to ‘get along’ with bullies. I’m surprised woot would protect one.

I removed that line. TY

Total Wireless has iPhone XR NEW for the same price: $349.99. They also have iPhone SE 2020 for $200.

Does the purchase from Total Wireless require a plan?
Can one buy an unlocked phone at those prices without buying a plan?

Yeah, not the same. Data plan required.

Damn, I missed a fight?!?

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