Apple iPhone XR 64GB - Fully Unlocked

Apple iPhone XR 64GB - Fully Unlocked

I have this phone, but with 128GB vs 64GB. It is a great phone. If you’re not a photo/video-hoarder (seems everything is on the cloud these days anyway), 64GB should be plenty of storage.

It is three generations back (XR, 11, 12). But smartphone technology, as with tablets and laptops, has mostly matured so each new generation of phone changes less and less. The only feature I miss that was added to the iPhone 11, is night mode photos. Not a big deal.

If your current phone has a Touch ID home button, note the transition to no home button is very easy and FaceID works great… when not wearing a face mask. Cannot wait until masks are a thing of the past.

The Grade A condition is what you want. But budget $69 for a proper battery replacement by Apple. That 80% battery health definitely will be noticeable if you expect your phone battery to last all day. In fact, heavy users will likely feel battery-cramped once the battery health drops below 90%. Check it in settings and if you can, have Apple run a full diagnostic when the phone arrives to look for other issues (free). Note the iPhone XR is still sold new by Apple and their price is $499 vs this $330 price.

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Note also, if you’re coming from an iPhone 6/7/8 Plus, this 6.1 inch screen is actually larger than your 5.5 inch screen… while the overall phone size is actually a bit smaller!

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@bluemaple this is odd question - I have been considering getting an iPhone for the Airpod Pros that I have and I am in the process of getting hearing aids - which the best ones are compatible with Apple and not Android. I have Samsung Galaxies for picture taking, texting etc.

Would this phone be usable for a while - would you expect it to be supported by Apple for a few years, at least?

I have Xfinity Mobile – Will this phone work on that network? They use Verizon towers.

You’re delving into an area I have avoided (hearing), but casually followed, perhaps because I didn’t want to admit… age. :wink:

Last question first - Apple actively supports their devices longer than any other brand. That typically means full, free, operating system upgrades for at least 4-5 years after a device was launched. And as smartphone technology is maturing, I wouldn’t be surprised if the XR gets operating system upgrades for 5-6, even 7 years from its launch. Note even after operating system upgrades end, phones are typically very usable for 2+ more years. What can render them obsolete is app developers de-supporting older operating system versions.

As to hearing aids, I hope companies like Starkey or even Apple develop “hearables” without the stigma of “hearing aides”. The technology is already amazing to process sound and discriminate voices from background noise (my hearing issue).

The Starkeys connect to an app on your phone. Some even do voice translation and fall detection.

These devices bridge the functionality of Bluetooth earbuds like AirPods and hearing aids. The current challenge is cost - because these hearing devices currently are sold thru hearing clinics, their prices remain crazy high. As baby boomers age, with their vanity, the added volume should bring prices down… and/or draw Apple’s attention.

I am a former Samsung and LG user after jumping ship from 4S. I have been using the XR for about one year now after using the 6 plus for sometime. I am happy with the phone, good battery life, tough screen and body I do have a case though. I dropped it a bunch of times on tile and it is doing fine but I find IOS software is getting worse and worse. 14.5 is coming and I am becoming very dissatisfied with the updates. Just like Google, Apple wants to control every aspect of your operation of the phone (imo).

Hey, I don’t see BOOST on the list of carriers and I know there have been some changes with who now owns the company (I believe it is DISH now). Does anyone know if this will work with BOOST?

Specifics please? If anything, iOS is granting more, not less control over the phone with each update. Privacy controls keeping getting more and more user-responsive. Even to the point where Facebook is threatening to sue Apple for granting users more control over their privacy.

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@bluemaple excellent points and thank you for the great information. I bought the Apple Airpod Pros because of the noise cancelling and I love them.

Yes hearing aids or whatever marketing name they come up with next are ridiculous in cost and most insurance companies do not cover the cost. I am looking forward to being able to go see a movie again (if that is ever an option in the Covid world), even though I am not a big movie goer, having the sound blue toothed into my hearing aids is going to be awesome.

This company is direct to consumer for HA and cut the cost in half. You still have the same benefits of the brick and mortar audiologist including the important remote adjustments - they do it with on demand appts with their doctors

Does anyone knows the exact type no. of this model, like A2108 ?