Apple iPhone XR (Your Choice)(S&D) (Open Box)

Apple iPhone XR (Your Choice)(S&D) (Open Box)

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Does anyone know what a 5.8" iPhone XR is? I know the XS came in 5.8", but the XR appears to only be 6.1". Is the 5.8" phone sold here really and XS? Also, these are described as both S&D and Open Box, which are two different things. Which is it?

Yah, appears the folks who loaded up this deal were lazy about the options selections on the front page. The only phones I am seeing are black or white iPhone XR, both with 128GB storage.

I have this phone and have been very happy with it.

Note, with the recent Apple Event, the iPhone XR dropped off the list of new phones available directly from Apple. Its position in the offerings was taken by the one year newer iPhone 11. Both phones were/are now $499, brand new, with Apple 1-year warranty, but with 64GB. Apple typically adds $50 to the price to go from 64 to 128GB.

Heavy smartphone users definitely will “feel” a battery whose health has fallen to the 85% promised here - that means recharging part way through the day. A proper battery replacement for an iPhone XR by Apple, is $69.

So the $320 price from Woot, for a scratch and dent condition, with only a 30 day Woot warranty? Would totally depend on how lucky you are to get a good one. Now that the XR is no longer available new from Apple, it seems like the prices will fall.

So, I went and ordered it. It is an XS, which is older, but a higher end and generally more expensive phone than the XR. And while not coming in a new box, it looks new - not a spot on it. For the price, great deal.